Friday, August 26, 2011

New Walkway

Since moving here, in order to use our back yard gate we had to walk across grass, and mud.  To remedy that Tom and Peter put in a nice paved walkway while I was in Houston visiting with Meghan and Kate.

They have a bit more work to do, since the gate can only open about 6".  Oops!  Just need to lower the slabs.

Peter "earned" those nice 24" x 18" concrete pavers by doing some yardwork for a work acquintance of Tom's. He got paid, and in exchange for using our truck, tools and gasoline, the salvaged pavers were ours.  Peter hauled them into the truck, then out and into the backyard.  After sitting against the house for 2 months, Tom and Peter did this nice walkway for me.

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