Friday, August 26, 2011

Winter Wood

This is what our woodpile looked like last winter.  Well, I remember taking a picture, but can't find it.  I'll add it when I track that little bugger down.  Rest assured, it was a HUGE, HUGE pile.  Before the truck arrived we thought it would be a nice amount.  When the dump truck arrived, we were all astonished.  The neighbors were, too, and probably to their dismay.  "Who knows what those yanks will do next!" must have been running through their minds.

It practically covered our entire 3rd side of the driveway and took us a week to get moved and stacked in the backyard.  It has diminished down to this much.  I'd estimate we used about 70% of what was there.

Tom built a wood rack, and slowly (when the fence is done, and now that it has cooled off) Peter will continue splitting and stacking what is left here:

We are seriously considering having an wood burning insert installed.  The clay lining is original to the house, the fireplace smokes, and I'd like more of a reassurance that sparks will be contained than this screen can provide.  

Don't get me started on the fireplace.  We "thought" we wanted one.  And we still do.  We just disagree on what it should look like.  Tom likes the broken in, folksy look.  I, well, I'm not all that thrilled by this huge wall of brick.  But, life has far more important issues to contend with.  For now, I'll just be happy to have the mess made a bit more orderly.

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