Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Little Flora

When we first arrived in Africa Tom took this picture of me and Mary at the Lusaka airport.   Here is another shot from the terminal while we waited for the plane to Ndola.

These are some of the beautiful trees in Chingola:

This is our house, before we got moved in.  Our gardener just started this week, and it already looking much, much better.   More photos will come, but I'm waiting for the camera to come back from Tom's trip to Lusaka today.  Oh!  And good news is that he has all three passports sporting their official, "we can stay and not get deported next week" stamps inside.  And.. it get's even better, our few household items waiting for air shipment can now be released from Houston.  That means Mary will have her school books, I'll have more clothes, and Tom's professional library will finally be in his new office. 

The vegetation is typical of a dry climate, but we also have roses, hibiscus and primroses growing in the yard.  Last night there was a healthy dose of much needed rain.  The rainy season normally is well underway by now, but it has been fairly dry.  We sure could use some moisture to get the brown pasture out back (humorously called a lawn) to green up!

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