Friday, November 30, 2012

Camouflaged Roof

Yesterday the painters (finally) completed painting the roof, and exterior of the house.  They were finished 3 different times yesterday, but by Act III they made their final bow.  (I had the nerve to inspect and point out places that were either thin on paint, or completely devoid of same.)

Here is what the house looked like when we first arrived:

Here is the finished product:

And now for the best shot of the camouflage ... 

I don't think it will fool the monkeys!


  1. Painting the roof has its benefits; I’m glad you did! It actually is common for metal roofs, just like yours. Aside from the aesthetic appeal it brings your roof, it also protects it from UV rays. But the overall sturdiness of your roof still depends on its materials. May I also bring to your attention the gutter? I think it needs replacing.

    Allyson Sunde

  2. The difference between the paint colors on your roof is noticeable, but as long as it protects it from the harsh UV rays, why not?! I agree with Allyson, though. The gutter needs to be replaced. If it rains hard and the gutter fails, there could be water damage on your sidings and the entire roofing system.

    Mary Martin