Sunday, November 11, 2012

We are Millionaires!!!

Well, actually this is what K3,000,000 looks like ... Tom is holding the equivalent of $600 USD.  I still get a bit shook up when a small grocery card is K 650,000.  The local currency is called Kwatcha.  There are many posters around proclaiming that January 1, 2013 the last three zeros will be dropped, new money issued, along with coins.  Locals assure us this isn't the first time they have heard about it.

We will keep you posted.  In the meantime, WE ARE MULTI-MILLIONAIRES, yippee!

The conversion isn't exact, but I drop the last three zeros and divide by 5 to determine approximate USD equivalency.   Despite the fact that we live in a third world country, we can purchase many items that you all can.  Not exactly the same quality, but we can.  A can of Pringles only costs K25,000 ... you do the math.  We don't eat Pringles, but these sure aren't Kroger prices over here!

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