Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our American Thanksgiving in Zambia

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving with some fellow Americans living in Zambia.  The 5 other families are all here in some capacity as missionaries.  Tom and I were the only capitalists.  Jill and Andy Schultz invited us to their beautiful home outside of Ndola.  We dined in their outdoor covered patio area.  Very pleasant weather!  That is me on the far left side.  Notice their adorable mini-daschund.  He reminded us of Basil, including the happy way they jaunt around!

Mary enjoyed meeting three sisters, all just a bit younger than her.  They were fast friends within a short space of time.  She a swim with them in their pool.  They are already talking about arranging long distant sleepover visits.

I had asked Jill what we could bring, and she said whatever we wanted.  So we opted to bring pies.  That was before I remembered you can't purchase lard here, we didn't have a rolling pin or wax paper, and no pie dishes.   That didn't stop us, so here is a photo journey on our quest to make peach pies:

We sifted the flour by shaking it through a fine sieve.

Measuring bulk margarine for the crust:

Cutting in the butter with knives:

Finished cutting, nice and crumbly:

We had thought to make apple, but no tart apples were available.  We opted to use canned peach slices:

Mary cooked up the peach juice, plus some spice and vinegar (no lemon juice), then let the sauce reduce and added the peaches.

Back to the pastry.  No rolling pins available .. so the next best thing .. an empty wine bottle.  Two Oceans is a very good South African wine, just in case you were wondering!

First crust rolled out.  No wax paper.  And if we find a large wooden board, it will be added to the kitchen.  In the meantime, a well scrubbed, and floured counter had to be enough.  Notice the pie plate to the side.  Tom located these in Lusaka, and we are told that was an fortunate find.

Used an oatmeal granola with brown sugar for topping .. heating it with some butter, peach filling waiting on the back of the stove.

The two finished pies!  They were good, but definitely played second fiddle to the pecan and apple at the gathering.  We've enjoyed what was left this past week.  It is nice to have a few homemade sweets.

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