Wednesday, January 9, 2013

African Adventure, part 7

Victoria Falls from the promontory looking across to Zimbabwe, and where the three rivers converge.  This is at the end of the Knife Edge Bridge hike, and where the trail circles around and back across the walking bridge.

Over Mary's and Peter's shoulders is the Zimbabwe side of the Falls, Danger Point.  Behind Tom and Yvonne is Rainbow Falls.  The gorge beyond is where the remainder of the Falls come off the escarpment.  The only way to see them is to visit the Zimbabwean side of the border.  Reading about various visits indicate that at one time, before the conflicts in Zimbabwe, it was considered "the" place to stay to see the Falls in all their glory.  Now, it is hard to get petrol and food!

Peter is manning the camera.  We are all soaked from the spray!

This is basically how the falls look at every point during the high flow.

Looking down from where we are pictured standing.  The water from the Eastern Cataracts can be seen, definitely at low flow, with only a small bit of rapids.  There are numerous pools carved by the falling water, just about right of center in this photo is one that we estimated to be the size of at least 2 Olympic size pools.

The water at the base is flowing away from us.  

The calm water to the left side is where the Zambezi River again gathers water and flows under the large iron bridge.  The rapids on the right side are from the northwestern side of the falls.  

The water gathered between the two opposite flows from the falls is referred to as the Boiling Pot.   

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