Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From the Animal Kingdom

Last Saturday morning I was surprised by a long, furry animal darting around our back patio.  By the time the camera was on and ready to shoot it had dashed down the walk.  Here is the best picture:

and a close-up:

Tom showed this picture at work and was told it was a member of the cat family, though the English name was unknown.  Also, that if known about, it would likely have been trapped, killed and eaten.    As I watched it appeared to be eating bugs from the garden and lawn.  I'm all for insectivores, so will remain silent with our household help.

Earlier in the week Mary and I could hear loud cawing.  There were ravens, huge ravens, on the back porch.  They moved as soon as they spied movement from us inside the house.  

Two weeks ago we had termites invade one of the planters surrounding the patio, right next to the house.  We knew malathion was the preferred treatment, but it wasn't in the local grocery store.  In the interim we poured in chlorine bleach.  It took care of the surface ones, but not further down.  Finally we had someone from KCM maintenance arrive.  He had a brass pump canister, paper face mask and rubber gloves.  The house is not sealed, so the odor invaded the front part of the house for the better part of the next two days.  The termites are no more, at least we hope so.  The tunnels were quite deep.

Late last week we saw a big male monkey rocket out of our yard when the lightening and thunder broke the peaceful calm.  There were no animals evident in the yard with the latest round of heavy rains.  Yesterday there was a close clap of thunder, quite frightening!  We have been through heavy rains but I must say that it doesn't just pour here, it looks like a fire hose propelling the water down.  We get days with brilliant blue skies and sunshine, and other like today with a general overcast.  

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