Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunday Surprise!

On Sunday we drove out to a private lodge to enjoy lunch with some fellow expats.  They work at a different division of KCM and live in Chililabombwe, which sits right by the border with the DRC.  As we were leaving Chingola this herd of cattle was crossing the road.  Mary also took several pictures of the plant/mine where Tom works.

At this point we turned off the paved road and onto a dirt (mud) road.  After crossing several very narrow earthen bridges, winding further into the back country we arrived at the Nabona Estate.

It sits on the edge of the Kafue River, pictured below:

The grounds are well kept, and though the water was enticing we already knew that crocodiles are ever present.  A visitor from France had, in fact, blogged about this exact spot and said the owners had lost one of their dogs to a crocodile that took everyone by surprise.

Our host, Barry, had arranged for a Sunday luncheon with the owners.  It was so pleasant to sit at this lodge, enjoy good conversation, drinks and incredible food served buffet style.   We made several new friends, and have agreed that monthly gatherings are a must.  

Here is one of several Jack Russell terriers who live here.  They each afforded all of us the chance to satisfy the need to scratch and pet them.  Mary was happy.  Earlier in the day she was actually discussing with us the practicality of getting a dog here.

 The owners have farmed for over 10 years in this area and only a year ago decided to expand their guest lodging to include a restaurant/resort.  They have done an excellent job, given we now understand how hard it is to achieve anything here.  They were very gracious in opening for us and another small group.  

It is small pleasures like this that help turn a homesick heart around!


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  1. Crocs and Hippos in the Kafue, go to the hippo pools on the way to Bancroft, you will know it when you get to the bridge that crosses the Kafue.

    Get a dog, it makes life home.