Friday, January 18, 2013

More ... Monkeys!

When we first got back to Chingola we didn't have any monkeys visiting.  In fact, I'm sure that Meghan, Peter and Kate thought we had made it all up.

But the day before the girls left the little rascals made their noisy appearance, this time out the bedroom side of the house ... Kate and Mary were watching and taking photos outside, while Meghan and I were entertained by two little monkeys jumping up onto the window ledge and peering inside.  There do not seem to be any of the large males in this troop.  Quite frankly, I am amazed that Kate managed to get the outside shots!  They are skittish little guys.

Kate and Mary managed to go outside for their photos.  This is the back corner of the house.

This is the one of the little guys that was on the window ledge.  The following one are from that same window looking toward our neighbor's yard.

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