Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Speed of Light

If only that were the case.  Internet continues to be slowed down the by rainfall.  I will keep trying, and some of the previous post will be updated.

In the meantime, here are some more flowers growing around the house:

Tiger Lily in the front yard.  Most of the Day Lilies were bright yellow.


This mushroom is growing near a wall on the driveway.  If I knew more about mushrooms we might be tempted to cook them.  But, not knowing means just looking at.  On our drive home after our visit to Lusaka there were a lot of people selling mushrooms alongside the road.  All sizes.  One truck had two on their dash that were the size of turkey platters!

The roses are all around, red, pink, cream, white and yellow.

This is the same plant that is pictured further down.  Delicate pink and white on the ends of each stem.

Nice and bright.  Notice the shamrock growing around it.

Growing in the shade.  

This has large palm-like leaves.  The flower itself looks like a succulent, with waxy petals.

Tiger Lily, and the brush next to it grows pink stems that transition to white and then green.

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