Monday, January 7, 2013

We Interrupt The Next Post ...

I realized, after speaking to my Mom and Dad in the US, that I hadn't let anyone know our things did arrive.  We received both the new furniture ordered in Lusaka and our US freight at 5:30 am, Tuesday, December 18.  Mary and I unpacked, stored, assembled, and arranged the furniture.

By then Peter was practically on his way, Meghan and Kate were finishing up what they needed in Houston, and we were packing our car getting ready to leave dark early on Thursday.

One earlier adventure involved driving to Ndola early in the morning on Saturday, December 15 to get a cargo carrier for the top of our new Patrol.  Tom got it installed, we filled the tank, stopped for a few groceries at Kitwe, and he was back in time for an afternoon meeting at work.

On the way back we stopped to see if our commissioned patio set was finished.  It wasn't, but we did see them working on it.  We did pick up a new wicker chest for our housekeeper to use to store her personal belongings.  Sunday, after Mass, we drove back out to pick up the patio furniture, and later that same Sunday we got the tree decorated.  

I can't believe how much activity we had already packed into December!

So, after this brief catch-up ... the next installment of our African Adventure!!!

Mary ... her hoodie was bought when we had to make a stop in Tulsa on our way back to London after the first moving van trip to Houston in September.

Yvonne ...
Mary and Tom ... all decorating our tree.  Yes, it is artificial.

Loading up our patio furniture.

Notice the drop-off next to the highway, with the trucks whizzing past!  No shoulders here.

More of that awesome African panorama .. rain clouds building.

Some of the tables we ordered, as well as all our boxes from Houston.  The golf clubs have already been stashed away in a closet.  Even though we trust our household help, there is no sense in advertising temptations!

Opening the boxes and sorting what we actually received.  Didn't quite match what we imagined, funny thing!
Growing paper pile.  It was all smoothed out, and stored away.   It is not prudent to toss anything here, there are no places to purchase good boxes or packing paper for the move home.

Solid teak television stand.

Wrought iron coffee table, waiting for the glass top.

Tom diving in to find his professional library in time to take a few volumes into the office.

Mary's dresser and dressing table.  She scored quite nicely during our furniture shopping expedition earlier in December.  She has a nice bedroom suite to use while we are here.

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