Friday, December 17, 2010

Lenten Thoughts

Oh, I know it is only Advent.  But somehow Advent purples prompt me to think ahead to Lenten purples.  While reading this morning's news it occurred to me that my standby of offering up both wine and whining would be inadequate this time around.

So this Lent, what I hope to excise from my words and thoughts is cynicism.  I enjoy a dry sense of humor, but after a few, ahem, emotionally charged incidents the past few days, I am realizing more and more how what I claim is humor isn't.  Plus adopting a cynical attitude toward life is robbing me of the true joy of life.  So until Lent, my intention is to listen to my words more carefully, and see where I lack in charity.  Not the words I speak, but that dialogue that runs inside my head.

I figure it is so deeply seated, that prayer, fasting and other Lenten practices might be the only way God can get me to stop this destructive way of approaching life and the world.  Don't expect any updates.  Just thought I would share with you my intentions.  The result won't be up to me, but I do plan, and having a plan is the first step toward reform.

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