Friday, December 17, 2010

More Snow???

Yup!  Went to bed Sunday night, woke up to over 18" of freshly fallen snow.  Tuesday the schools were closed, but by the afternoon the snow had finally stopped.  If any of you have followed the news, Hwy 402 that takes us to the border was closed.  In fact, over 300 vehicles were stranded for well over 24 hours.  The OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) were on snow mobiles, and the military was called in for support.  Only one fatality, a man who chose to walk a short distance, and sadly, was found within 50 meters of his vehicle.

Okay, stop with the snow already!!!  It isn't even winter until Tuesday.

A really positive thought is that we live in southern Canada, so it did become warm enough, and there was plenty of salt so that by yesterday afternoon we were driving on bone dry roads.  Not quite the same in the parking lots, but you just take what good news you can!

Plans are to head across the border to get our Christmas cards and packages mailed to all of you back home.  Then we pick up a few groceries, and hopefully some raw peanuts for Tom's peanut brittle, as well as pecans that don't cost over $10 per 3/4 pound.  It's mighty hard to be a southern cook in southern Canada.

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