Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O Oriens

"O Rising Dawn (O Oriens): O dawn of the east, brightness of light eternal, and sun of justice: come, and enlighten those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death."

Wonder and awe strikes me whenever I am up early enough to watch the sun rise.  Our last visit to Colorado allowed that, and the dawn was glorious.  I know it is physics, light bending, various parts of the prism breaking through at different speeds, etc.  But, it still draws awe from deep inside my being.  Watching a new day emerge never ceases to draw my soul toward rejoicing in the everlasting dawn of the Son of God.

Today is our shortest day, longest night of the year.  We weren't up to watch the lunar eclipse, to watch the moon show red.  Though, with our wintry cloud cover, the motivation wasn't there.  This is a rare occasion, and many people have placed special meaning on it.  But, it is also just physics.  The author of our world, who actually is the source of those laws people have termed laws of physics, gravity, chemistry, etc. has indeed created a world full of wonder for all of us!

May your remaining days of Advent be filled more with joyful anticipation than frantic preparation.

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