Wednesday, December 22, 2010

O Rex Gentium

"O King of the Gentiles (O Rex Gentium): O King of the Gentiles and desired One, the cornerstone that makes both one: come, and deliver man, whom you formed out of the dust of the earth."

Most of our family is now gathered at our home for Christmas.  Our oldest and her husband are in Germany, and we look forward to chatting with them on Christmas Day.  Tom picked up our two college girls from Detroit yesterday.  It is with much anticipation that we are now together.

I read an interesting op-ed piece yesterday.
I am finishing this book as well.  The Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century: A Comprehensive World History
It has been a wonderful "short course" on political science in the 20th century.  Since we started on our adventure of home educating our children, I have been drawn very much to studying history.  Our approach, while using some text books, has also included seeking books and resources that tell "the other side" of the story.

And I am looking forward to locating this book for future study.Blood Brothers

In the meantime, our final Advent baking day is here!  We plan to bake like crazy today, and get dozens of bags ready to deliver tomorrow.  On the baking list we have: Cranberry Chews, Glorified Shortbread, White Almond Bars and Scandinavian Kringler (a scrumptious coffee cake).   For my sisters, Tom's sisters and brother, plus Grandparents, we hope you receive your own goodie boxes before Christmas!

And, since we have doubled the number of bakers, we may very well tackle a handmade gingerbread village! If it materializes, we'll be sure to post pictures.

Tomorrow is our "new" annual ravioli making day.  It will have a special significance, as we know Cathy (Tom's mom and the kids' "Nonnie") will be smiling from heaven.

To tie this all into the title, well, it really is the reason for the season.  God is real, God is our source of life, God has sent His only Son to be the Rex Gentium!  May you deepen your own understandings and faith in what is real, true and beautiful.

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