Sunday, December 26, 2010


A few photos that show some of our Christmas.  We were together, excepting our German adventurers, and had a quiet holy day.

Kate was busy making gingerbread the day before.

Kate, Meghan and Mary with their "real" earrings!

Tom holding "to the man from the boy" gift.  The wrapping paper was duct tape!

Our eclectic tree.  It is always so much fun to remember how, who and why each ornament in on the tree.

Peter, with a rare smile!

Me, looking forward to some brain work ... thank you Peter!
Later the same day, diving into our stockings.  Note the mural and our faux walls ... now you know why we painted this room the following weekend.

Kate with Dolly the cat curled up, both sound asleep.  It was a good day for that!

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